Saturday, October 20, 2012

I was going to write a post...

But Bruce LaBruce, of all people, said it first, and better. Boing Boing, for all their "White Hat" reputation, are clearly floundering on this topic, while Vice are, for all that they have contributed to the problem, at least striving to do better. Here's the one thing I can still add- I'm not smart  nor am I savvy enough to fully understand, but it seems to me that with the internet, as with real life, it isn't as simple as white hat/black hat. Sometimes, the sarcastic trolls at Vice are right and good, and sometimes the people's advocates at Slate are wrong, and cynical. Sometimes, Anonymous are destructive, and sometimes constructive, and sometimes the harder you try to be constructive, the more destructive you become. The internet is just a network of people. Technology is just another way of saying tools. People are a force, people are good and bad, and people progress and regress- don't get it twisted.

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