Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Raveonettes "Observator"

On the other hand, it's real easy to talk about The Raveonettes latest- it's crap. They took their basic sound which was a semi-goth take on early 60's pop-rock, and presented it as something new. Now, they've dialed back the most challenging element they had- the wall of echo, distortion, and other ways of obscuring the tunes to reveal a slightly more retro Goth pop. Which is to say, crap.
So, rather than talk about them anymore, I'll briefly mention that Amanda Palmer sucks, and I don't care how much she made on kickstarter. I hated the Dresden dolls, I still hate her music. I never gave a thought if that related to who she was as human being, but now that it's been revealed that she's little better than the mobsters who used to run the music biz, I can say, it all makes sense- her music sucks because she sucks as a person. All very clear, now. I'm with Albini. Oh, and the smear pieces that came out on him afterwards? Cowardly dick moves if you ask me. Seriously, if you're trying to hold Steve Albini up to some kind of PC measuring stick, you're a dipshit, and not worth hearing out. Stay behind your camera, lickspittle.

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