Friday, June 1, 2012


So, a couple of surprises, today: I was going to get the new Workers CD- Both Hands, but, unexpectedly, couldn't. I have it on good (Label) authority that the release has been pushed back, and that it will come out this summer. Well, cool, I guess, and welcome to the world of indie labels, but I was still bummed. However, I've heard from Pim, and the new Silence is Sexy is still a go, but the digital release may come a few days or weeks after the CD comes out on the sixth. Still- very cool to hear there will be a digital release, because even though I will want the CD, my mail service sucks, and it'll take over a month for the CD to reach me, so I was bummed about that, but this is where it turns around, completely out of the blue, dEUS just released a new album- they announced it, released it on Itunes, and put up a stream of it, all today. Nobody knew. So, I swallowed some pride, and opened up an Itunes account on an older laptop ( I wouldn't put Itunes on a decent computer, that shit is malware, of the highest order) downloaded it, and DRM be damned, managed to burn a CD. I just finished listening to it- yes, it's awesome. It's simpler, more streamlined than "Keep You Close', and it reads like dispatches from a war correspondent, so it has a sense of immediacy, and urgency, which fits the "Damn the Torpedos" surprise of the release. I can't say that I love it, yet- I've only just met these songs, and they're not like strippers, where it's all reveal, with no aftermath- these are real songs- you get to know them like friends. But, I will say that I like them. and clearly I'm nuts for dEUS. So, stream it, and get to know for yourself.
In any event- way for them to prove that there is a way to co-exist with the internet, when everybody  else seems to hate it. See,  David Lowery's  completely awful music aside ( yes, I hate Camper Van Beethoven, and always did.) he's a damn derivatives trader, so he's evil. Done and done. Q Magazine, well, I respect them, a little bit, but you'll note they lack the bollocks to put the article online, and the register is Crap. So, the chickenshit response is to say- online piracy is an awful theft, so we'll just put our Art in a commercial cage, and  surround it with DRM landmines. No, I don't pirate music, but I do think that there should be ways of hearing music for free, and I can name you three bands, right off the bat that hooked me by giving away some downloads- The Comas, Silence is Sexy, and Pandora.s Box. I've purchased things from all three, and plan to do so in the future ( that is, if the Comas re-form) . It works. So, dEUS  stream the whole record, release it on Itunes at the same time, don't sell it to the godawful music press first, and then, they'll release the physical product. and how much you want to bet they'll make money at it? Hell, they've got me  hawking it, for free- think about that Mr Cracker.  ( Seriously, the dude is a walking reason to steal from these supposed Artists- if it'll put him out of business, it's done a good thing)
So, what a nice surprise from a bunch of guys who really do deserve your extra cash- go stream it, and tell me you don't want a track or two....

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