Saturday, June 16, 2012

Metric Synthetica

Timing can be everything. Had I heard this at another time, I might have enjoyed it a lot more. I can hear that it's a really good album, probably Metric's best. They've been on an upward trajectory. The first couple of records were spotty affairs that could connect really well in bits ( " Combat Baby" especially) but never as a whole album. Despite Punk, despite Mp3's, I'm still an Album guy. I like to have a collection of songs that not only work on their own, but also work together. Fantasies was getting closer: with about an EP's worth of strong songs, but this finally feels like an album. However, here's the twist: I heard the new Silence Is Sexy, first, and where Metric is reaching, Silence is Sexy have been. This could be a transition place between "This Ain't Hollywood" and "MODERN Antiques". So, I'm going back and listening to Silence is Sexy, instead. Metric are a good band, and "Synthetica" is a good album, but Silence is Sexy have done what Metric do best, and I think they did it better. There's no shame in being a runner up, and I'd rather listen to Emily Haines than any of the current crop of Jessie J wannabes ( and she, herself, a weak shadow of  Gwen Stefani, who was  less than a copy of Debbie Harry and Madonna) because at least Emily is trying to stay relevant, and does bad girl/ free spirit better than most. So, it's not really fair, but timing is everything.

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