Monday, June 4, 2012

eMpTy V get off the air...

I prefer to use this blog to promote, in my small way, the pop culture I'd like to comprise the culture. I'm not by nature a negative person. Angry? possibly. Outraged? at times. Cynical? Of a lot of things, but not everything. I've managed to make it into my forties, still a socialist, so I can't be really all that negative, can I? A socialist has to believe that there is a wisdom and a strength in people.
So I watched the MTV Movie awards, and this one good thing in the whole she-bang, consistently, was Russell Brand. He took the piss on the whole thing repeatedly. Charlie Sheen even was uselessly  sucking up to the Viacom Teat. References to the illusion of democracy in western culture? Laying bare the oppression inherent in Twilight, Hunger Games, and Teen Mom, in three sentences in the opening monologue? That's not a terrible use of the broadcast medium, now is it? I'm looking forward to Brand X.
Apart from Russell,  it was lousy, beginning to end. We start with fun.  Not really, just the band. God, has there ever been such a lousy excuse for Indie rock? Of course there has- the world is suffused with them, but since when has that been an excuse? " Oh, we're only as terrible as the rest of the worst"
We also had Wiz Khalifa- a copy of a bad xeroxed copy of a mimeograph of a discarded version of Outkast and Kanye. Lyrics cribbed from a workplace motivational poster, and vocoder melodies do nothing for me. I liked his T shirt, at least, so, that would be the one thing that put him above fun.
The Dimmer Twins out to bury Johnny Depp? I suppose that like the rest of their Career, Keef can't be everywhere, can he?
Ok, I can't rip on Johnny Depp and the Black Keys.  It was a superior version of Gold on the Ceiling. Some decent Rocknroll in a sea of crap,  but then Johnny had to speak, and kissed every arse he could find, I would've preferred to just really hear the version of Lonely Boy that they talked all over. Way to ruin an oasis of decency in a sea of opiated zombie hell.
As for the Movie stars, most don't deserve a mention, at all. I'll just mention that Josh Hutcherson has the same hat as me, Kristen Stewart IS Avril Lavigne, I don't have high hopes for Andy Sanburg without SNL, Fasbender's Beard is Wierd, as is his facial hair, Posh Spice, in her guise as Kate Beckinsale was a prejudice given human form, McConnaughey still thinks he's in Dazed and Confused, and as for Gary Oldman, Christian Bale and Jason Gordon Levitt- I have a question: if talent is amassed just to sell  Crap to the most lumpen of proles, do you still call it talent, or is propaganda a better word? ( Also, Nolan inadvertently gave me a great joke in his swallowing of the words "Dark knight"- The Doughnut rises. It needs to happen, now.)
I could give less than a deuce about the awards. Seriously, I don't care, and don't think anyone with even Arctic room temperature IQ cares, either. Least of all the audience.
It was just insulting, but I know why it existed in the first place. So, really- how long must we tolerate mass culture?

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