Monday, April 2, 2012

Sure to jack up my stats-hunger games

(And by Jack up, I mean both cause them to rise, and cause a big mess) So, I saw the Hunger Games. It was good. I don't have any desire to read the books, and I might watch the sequels or I might not. As product, wow! the production values were right up there. Also, it was great to see Asheville, NC. It's a good town, up there with Tucson, Portland, Flagstaff, and Sacramento. Not to mention, Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, and Josh Hutcherson were really quite good.
The film was seamless, and the direction flowed seamlessly.
The story was a bit rote, and I could see where it was put together; for example, you never see Katniss ( our Heroine) get her hands bloody, so the kids watching will still identify with her. Likewise, I think there were enough vague symbols that you could interpret the theme in a variety of ways. The KOS has my favorite interpretation. And it's not exactly a ground-breaker. My favorite version of the Deadliest game, as filtered through our oversaturated media-fixated times would be Series 7: the Contenders ( Girls VS Boys on the soundtrack!)
But overall, it's a big damn improvement over the Twilight Franchise, so let's be thankful for that.

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