Thursday, November 17, 2011

Never let me down

Yes, I've got stuff to say- but no time to say it in. On top of my insane work schedule, I've got relatives visiting in short order. So I really cannot post much. I know that this lets down the entire world, as I've been posting so consistently lately (sarcasm can be printed, you just have to know the author).
So, just a thought to tide me over- I have two main jobs, right now. Bothare basically servicing the needs of rather wealthy people. Without getting too deep into it, you know that line in Fight Club- We watch you while you sleep- well, it's true. I get compensated middle class wages, which is good. But, I'm seen as being part of the machines I operate- these people depend on me, and don't realize it. For example, a very big reality TV star uses my services. I'm not stupid, so I know what they are doing, and so, I don't need the tabloids, I do know their secrets, and probably could make a mint by spilling said secrets. But, then, I'd have to live with myself, and quite frankly, it's against my sense of propriety to divulge these things I know. But, it irks me that so many wealthy people are so utterly base, debased, venal, and crapty humans. have you seen what Spencer Pratt wrote? It's ironic, because he's basically flogging a book, probably so's he'll get some additional fame and fortune, but what he says about the commercial nature of all things celebrity is dead on the money (all puns intended). If you buy into the celebrity culture, you're literally buying in, and I'm warning you now, it's a sick game where you'll never get what they promised you.

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