Saturday, September 24, 2011


So, I got the new one, "Velociraptor!", and I think it's quite good. I'm not going to throw around words like "brilliant" or "genius" because no, it's neither of those. It is very enjoyable, however. The right mix between Oasis-styled laddish Beatle-isms, quasi-Bollywood sampled strings, and minimalist techno. I would still group them in with the more continental Art-Rock semi-scene (Everyone from Danes like Mew, and Kashmir, to the by-now over-mentioned dEUS, with stops on Silence is Sexy, Millionaire, etc, etc- basically about 80% of the non-stoner, non-Punk I mention on this blog). It's rather enjoyable, too, to watch the notoriously clannish, faddish and fickle English Press attempt to pigeonhole it. I truly believe it's because there's something new underfoot in Europe. Bands that are influenced by Radiohead and Kanye West and still trying to make organic-sounding music- not embracing the icy detachment of even the most grimy dubstep- but instead trying to apply some of the post-rock experimentation towards decidedly more rockist fare. It's hard to define, because it's not finished, yet. However, as such, it also cannot be strapped down to a neat category, either. To show you a bit more what I'm getting at, here are three Videos. One from dEUS, one from Mew, and the latest from Kasabian. Am I full of it, or can you hear the thread there, as well?

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