Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quiet? Really?

So, enough with the negativity. I've got a new band for you. Call themselves "Quiet Arcs", and they play metallic hardcore with a grunge twist. It's a bit like like the Slayer-influenced hardcore from the mid 1990's, mixed with the doomy grunge of the late 1990's grunge of the Melvins. Pretty darn classy, if you ask me. There are some moments that are a bit screamo, which isn't exactly my favorite, but this stuff still gets the blood and brain moving enough that I can forgive the occasional overwrought passage. Overall, it's hardcore enough that I don't think I'm hearing a metal band in waiting, but it's metal enough that it appeals to my testosterone levels. My much younger self would complain that there are too many slow bits so it'd be hard to slam to
( and now time for a digression. It's slamming. It's not pogo. Pogo has become so mainstream that hippies pogo at Blues Traveller gigs. I've seen them, it's nothing good. It's not moshing. Moshing is the dance equivalent of a toilet flushing, with everyone chasing each others' ass. None for me, thanks. When I was a kid, it was slamming- kind of like the circle pit, but far more chaotic. Ever heard of the Naked Raygun "Wall of Death"? Yeah, I thought not. Basically, Slamming was like trying to pogo in a mosh, mixed with playing American football. All with folks stage diving on top. So, yes, I'm exact with my terms. You Pogo at a Weirdos gig. You mosh at a Slayer gig. You slam at a hardcore show. Teeth get lost, skulls get cracked, ribs get bruised, and a good time is had by all. Seriously, I've lost teeth, I've cracked my skull, and I've bruised my ribs in the pit, and I don't regret it at all. )

but screw my younger self, I dig the slower bits, too. Put it on very loudly, you might just like it, and say, just like me, Why Quiet Arcs? That makes no sense....
Then, again, I'm still with Brian Grillo- I'm not good at keeping silent. Am I loud? Hehehe...

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  1. I like it, downloaded it quite some time ago, but
    never listened. Thanks for the tip. Short and sweet.