Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Fang

So, yes, I like hard rock. I wouldn't exactly call myself a punk or a metal head, though. I just like really loud rocknroll. I think that fits Red Fang, as well. They've been called Stoner Metal, Doom indie, Sludge punk, and (my favorite) Beer Metal. But, really, they just play really loud Rock. They've got an active sense of humour, and a bullet belt of "Hell Yeah!" riffs, to pair up with their love of facial hair and beer. You'll probably think of bands like Black Sabbath, and Queens of the Stone Age, but I'm hearing everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top. They're just damn fine, very loud rock music. With Pabst. And foot long beards. and sleazoid guitars that appear to be welded pieces of other intruments, fished out from the Puget sound. Oh, and Tecate. Maybe some Schaefer.
Look, I was thinking earlier about how hard it is getting to trust anyone or anything, when everybody seems to want to sell you on something. Everybody from your favorite politician to that girl who smiled at you at the gas station, that you thought might be flirting, but then, you realized was smiling that same way to every guy who came in. Rock bands, especially want to sell you on some concept, or some marketing ploy, so's you'll buy an extra T shirt at the merch table. I'm not trying to sell you on anything, here. I make a pretty good salary, enough that I can afford to buy somewhere around 100 CDs a year, and download a bunch more stuff. Between that and the free stuff, I bet I hear about 365 new releases per year. I know most folks can't keep up with that. Most folks I know maybe download 20 songs in a month, if that. They might buy 6 CDs in a year. So, if you went out and bought everything I suggested, you'd be pretty poor, pretty quick.
All that having said, if you do buy just 1 CD per month, go stream some Red Fang, and decide for yourself if you want to buy it. I'm seriously happy I bought the new one Murder the Mountains. I wasn't the biggest fan of their first record, but it had some moments. This one is an instant classic to me. I'm getting the same joy from this that I did when I heard Rated R by QOTSA: a band that I sorta liked suddenly was awesome. So, yes, I think Red Fang are awesome.


  1. at this moment in time, Red Fang is the best band
    out there, as far as im concerned. Pretty accurate description. To me, they are the dream come true, its like QOTSA finally stopped making music that suck and became heavier, and funny.
    Also, im shamelesly proud at myself cos i follow these bearded dudes since their demos in 2005, when Big Biz first brought them along to play few gigs as an opening act telling them "not to screw up"! Lol, this was an actual myspace conversation that i witnessed.(people comunicated thru myspace in 2005)Anyway, i didnt like The Biz back then, but thanks to them i heard Red Fang, and i was in love. However, new Biz sounds very promising.

  2. George, umm, I've been kinda sitting on your comment because I agree and I disagree. I agree that Red Fang are excellent, and yes, I initially heard them based upon your suggestion. However best band out there? Not quite. Don't get me wrong- they're very very good, and I've got a hard time saying that anything or anyone is the "best"- however, I'd like to point out a band equal to Red Fang, that you should know- Tona. Seriously, George, I'm not trying to kiss your ass here- I still really like whenever Oreol, Graphit, or Bull May comes on my Ipod, and I really do think that the comparison to Red Fang is a fair an Apt one- both bands play really loud rocknroll that draws from a lot of influences, and both bands can't be put into an easy category. But, the edge goes to Tona on three counts- First, Tona is tighter. Red fang sometimes misses the beat, or plays a few notes that don't fit- Tona is tight as a drumhead. Second, Tona has more energy. Red fang can get into a kind of stoned minor key jam that might be fun for them to play, but it draws some of the energy away. Third, George, your vocals are truly perfect for this kind of music- very strong, but clear. Red Fang on the other hand can get into a kind of bellow that sounds like the singer is out of his range, and they also can do the generic metal rant/scream thing which while OK, doesn't convey the sheer power your voice has.
    So, yes, of course, have whatever opinion you might have, but I prefer Tona. I think you guys are one of the best outfits out there.

  3. Wow, thanks. The thing is that im, like you, a music fan, and than musician second, so when i really like something i dont even try to compare it with my band. So i dont have that perspective... and its a probably a good thing.
    Anyway, yes, when i put the exitement on the lower level, shure, the flaws of Red Fang are sometimes quite obvious - you actually described them precisely. But i was just happy with this album and not thinkin that much, maybe cos im becoming pretty disappointed lately with a lot of bands that i listened. And Red fang were not one them...
    Anyways, you can expect a new Tona single in two weeks, and then another one in a month or so. I think you re gonna like it :)