Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A quick note of disappointment

I just want to express my disappointment with Amazon/Itunes' "Audible" system. Quite frankly, it was a failure on all fronts for me. The interface, and downloading instructions were difficult, if not impossible. The software didn't work and was incompatible with my Itunes software, and if not for precautionary software I already had, uninstalling would've been a real bitch, too. All I can say is that I don't support piracy, but it would've been easier, quicker, and better to just find a torrent of Samuel Jackson reading "Go the F*ck to sleep", so until the legal software can catch up to the illegal, I really can't say that I blame others for pirating. The only reason why I don't pirate is because I worked for so many years in the entertainment system, that it feels wrong to me to not pay the "cover charge". Seriously, that's it. The legal system is full of jackasses (Hello, RIAA!) and the software they peddle is lousy (Hello everything from DRM-infected downloads to Audible, to even Adobe) and most pirates seem like good people to me, but I cannot make the leap because of my personal history.

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