Saturday, May 21, 2011


God Bless Justin Broadrick. That guy has brought so very much to the world. Napalm Death, Godflesh, Final, Head of David, etc. But beyond that, he's brought us Jesu. I could say that Jesu is the best Metalgaze Drone ambient doom metal pop band in the world, but that's a bit stupid, as only Jesu makes the kind and type of music that they do. Imagine a band inspired in equal part by Killing Joke, Psychick TV and A R Kane. Yeah, that's hard to do, so consider just listening to Jesu, instead.
People are telling me today the world ends. Of course, it's only right and proper to take the piss out on such people- however, I've got an even better idea: give them a soundtrack. Jesu just released Ascension. It's absolutely perfect. If I woke up to a post apocalypse scenario tomorrow, it would make for the absolute perfect sound track. It's full of a beautiful, grand, desolate sadness. It's the sound of a man plagued by demons once the demons have left, and that man realizes those demons were the only friends he had. In other words, it's that painful sensation of first enlightenment, all full of tragedy and transcendence.
But of those of us who do not believe that the rapture is today? It's still a really excellent set of songs to put on the Ipod.

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