Sunday, March 27, 2011


I started out being into Hardcore thrash, and I still like that stuff. Very athletic, adrenalized music. So, I just made a mix CD for my car, made up of some relatively new thrash. In the spirit of thrash, here's a rundown of the bands on that mix. Obviously, none of this stuff is stellar, and none is terrible.
First up- the AC4. Dennis from the Refused clearly missed out that he wasn't in 7 seconds. Straight up hero worship. Then, Fresh Coats- A Train Wreck named Desire. More punk than thrash. Think of a more pop-punk version of Leatherface, mixed with some non-ska Rancid, and you're not far off. After that Shards. The most straightforward thrash on here. They could easily be a "middle of the bill" band at Fender's ballroom, circa 1984. Straight Los Angeles mid 80's thrash. Finally, Wolves & Thieves-11. Much more modern Thrash. Like the Bronx or Gallows, it's a mix of various Rocknroll influences, a hint of metal here, some Rockabilly there, some hardcore under it all. The end effect is like what you misremember after one of those 5 band hardcore matinees, where you can't remember who played what, you just remember that dude who took it hard when he got dropped in the pit, and how bad your nose hurts from connecting with this other guy's boot...

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