Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Tunes

So, just some quick reviews, for stuff that I like, but aren’t quite as nice as stuff I’ve done bigger reviews on, in no particular order:
Autolux- Transit, Transit: Umm, have you heard Autolux? The last record was a kinda electro shoegazer type of record. Replace the gauzey distort-noise with more Sonic Youth-ish guitars in alternative tunings, and there you go, the new Autolux record. I like it, but only in a background Noise type way.
Colony-Colony: I’ll admit I don’t know much about the band, but I really like how it’s obvious that they’ll go wherever their muse goes. Parts sound neo-psychedelic, parts sound like experimental noise, parts sound like new Americana, like Wilco, and parts sound like Stoner/Sludge. Nothing is fully fleshed out, though, so it’s kinda like a jam/demo tape, but one you’ll enjoy.
Earwig- Gibson under Mountain: Damn fine power pop. Does it need to be more? Really, this is just that. You might hear some Americana here, some Punk there, but really, it’s power pop.
Nikoo-Friends and Family: I really, really like the Dutch music scene out of Utrecht. We’ve got former members of one of that scene’s better bands, The Very Sexuals, in this Noise-Pop band. So, of course I like it. How to describe it? Wow, tougher than I thought… Ummm… Uhhhh… it’s got some, uhhhh…. How’s this? It’s pop structure, with Exotica, Harmonium, shoegazer electronics, indie rock vocals, and Arcade Fire styled anthemic styled vocals. Like the Ruby Suns meet the Very Sexuals, meet the Comas, and they tweak the hell out of Arcade Fire, in the Raveonette’s studio…
Wye Oak- Civilian: A local pleasure. Hey, I like my friends, but I don’t know this couple, directly. I know their friends, though. Wye Oak, by now should be a known quality. In case they’re not, they play twisted atmospheric noise-folk, in the vein of Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies, but altogether modern.
There you go. Check them out.

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