Saturday, October 2, 2010

More under-the-radar Pop

I've been listening to a lot of music, as per usual, and here are two bands that I've put together in my head- Bloodthirsty Hippies and Coin under Tongue. Both have a vague neo-80's cult pop sheen to their music. The B-Hippies remind me of mid-80's gothic-pop post punk, like what The Damned and Siouxsie were up to around 1985. It's a slightly more expanded sound, incorporating more psychedelia (though not to a "Stoner" degree) with a much more lo-fi aesthetic. It's fun pop, and sometimes gets in some punkish quality art into the mix.
Coin Under Tongue, meanwhile seem to be re imagining late-70's, early-80's post Punk ( Gang of Four, Bauhaus, No Wave) as a kind of sludgey Big Rock. Kind of like what would happen if Big Black had been more Led Zep fans, and less Killing Joke fans. That means snappy, trebley bass lines, with tons of feedback guitars, but plenty of spidery reverb-drenched arpeggios as well. I prefer them to the Bloodthirsty Hippies, a bit, but miss the pop elements that Bloodthirsty Hippies bring, mostly in the vocals which are a kind of snotty talk-sing, like if Rik L Rik were to try to do Mark Smith. Actually, the vocals remind me a lot of Steve Bjorkland of Breaking Circus, but the music doesn't support the voice as much.
Here's a way of understanding the degree of appeal- I could see the Bloodthirsty Hippies in a middle position on a bill with The March Violets headlining, and Red Scare supporting, and I could see Coin Under Tongue across town in a middle position gig with Ink-era Effigies headlining, and Flour opening. If you don't "get" those references, you might not enjoy the bands....

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