Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yes, I used to be much more into hardcore and Punk rock. I really was a big fan of a few bands back then that I still like. Some you probably have heard, like early Black Flag, the Clash, and The Buzzcocks, but some are somewhat lost to time, like Die Kreuzen and M.I.A.. I saw M.I.A. at least a dozen times at places like Safari Sam's and Fender's ballroom. I still like them, even if, sadly, the lynchpin member, Mike Conley, died in a freak accident a few years ago. ( and yes, in one of my earlier incarnations as a music journalist I did an interview with Nick the guitarist that features on their website). But for all you NoFX, and Bad Religion fans out there- M.I.A. is/was the secret ingredient. Seriously, the first band I heard to do the fabled "OC sound" of southern California punk rock was M.I.A., followed up by another under-rated band, Shattered Faith. If you like southern californian pop punk, you still owe it to yourself to hear them out.


  1. Todd Sampson , who took over as lead after mike passed has recently passed away here in las vegas.

  2. That's incredible, and sad. Todd was the singer, first, too, right? Jeez, no wonder they took down the revamped site. All the more reason why everyone needs to hear what they have missed.

  3. Yeah from what i understand he was the original singer but was very young at the time so when they relocated to California Mike took over.