Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's Going on with Spain?

Seriously, I'm hearing a lot of very diverse, high quality music coming out of Spain, as of late... Everything from the brilliant old-school hardcore of The Capaces, to the world-fusion rap rock of After Many Days to the electro hard pop of Echovolt . You've got the punk rock of Atrako a Mano Armada , the strange decayed metal of Los Cuatrocientos Golpes , and the surf rock of Los Tiki Phantoms , and the D-beat thrash of D R A M A . Defintely much more varied than the Garage rock scene I recall from the 1990's. It's a big world, folks- don't limit yourself to one country, but dang, Spain has something going on....


  1. Here's another one: the mathy post-hardcore outfit called The Joe K Plan.

    Dig it.

  2. Nice! Thanks... Different instrumentation but it gives me a bit of a Chrome/Six Finger Satellite kinda abstract psychedelic thing. Also, kinda a post-rock kinda delicate sense of composition. But, like my language, everything is more than a bit vague. I like that.

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