Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joining the Crowd on Lost

Commenting on Lost is a subgenre of blog, so don't expect a link, nor a complete and long post. I just have a few quick things to write about that show.
First, it had a great idea in limiting itself. I just think 100 episodes is closer to how long I want the story to go on. At this point, the show has "jumped the shark" and overstayed. I think 50 episodes would've made for taut, quality TV storytelling, but 100 and above? Name the show that was as compelling after the 100 mark as it was before. I prefer the model where you tell the story, and then stop.
Second, While Terry O'Quin and Michael Emerson (especially Emerson) are clearly the best actors on the show, I have a different take on "favorites" than most. I like Jack Shephard. I like Sayid Jarrah, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Jin-Soo Kwon. Other than them, I don't really like the characters. Why those? Ever been an older brother? Ever been a father? Ever been a Manager? There is a role men have to take- a combination of selfless gaurdian, and hate-magnet Sheriff. These characters understand that role, and abide to it. I can relate to that, and sympathize with that more than I can people living as if they are islands, themselves. People who don't make the hard choices against themselves like Ben Linus, and like John Locke are the kind of jerks I curse every day. Why would I cheer them, or even be interested in them on my TV?
Really though, if you haven't seen Lost, I wouldn't bother, at this point. The first 3 Seasons were good, and it's crawled up into itself since then. Considering we're talking a six season show, that means it's only half good.

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