Friday, October 23, 2009

Shotgun Shogun

Punk Frickin' Rock!
Ok, ok- more detail- This is a punk band that calls itself "Shotgun Shogun", and they're from the wilds of Laramie, Wyoming. I'm sure their influences are varied, and modern but they remind me a lot of some older bands. There's a lot of the nasal not-quite harmonies of Arcwelder, and the guitars incorporate just enough jamming and Country to remind me of a very, very punked out Thin White Rope. Nowhere near as talented as TWR, mind you, but edging in some similar directions. But, the bottom line for this or any Punk Rock is that it's catchy, fun, and obnoxious. What more do you want, really?


  1. Hey "Max". the name's Evco. Singer, guitarist, harmonica-ist for Shotgun Shogun. Just wanted to say thanks for noticing, we like your style too, and the new album is coming out soon. Your copy is free when it is available, and your review is always welcome.